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Bianco e nero

Our association is a "Onlus" structured and qualified, which aims to transfer the love for sailing. Most of our members are normal people, some handicapped and some able bodied, who work or worked, have a family, study etc. etc. Everyone of them, anyway, has in common the love for the navigation and, as a result, for the sea.


The Association was fonded in 1998 and has its roots in the project "Uguali nel Vento" (renamed in the 2006 "Uguali nel Vento Onlus"), launched by the Compagnia della Vela. The idea was to get disabled athletes to sailing using boats from the 2.4mR class, which, thanks to their design features, enable a single disabled athlete to race against able bodied athletes on equal terms

Beside the 2.4mR, in 2006 were bought, in collaborazion with Provincia di Venezia and Cassa di Risparmio, two Sonar, which were used for qualifying and representing Italy in the Paralympic Games in Beijing in 2008.

In 2014 it was bought "Dixie", a Meteor, used since then in FIV certificated, in Mini Class, ORCT and of course Meteor competitions, with on board mixed crews of able bodied and disabled. It is also used for sailing courses and daily cruises.

Thanks to the donation from a Honorary Member, we were able to get an Arpege (9.5 m LOA), used to introduce a more recreational way of sailing to the members.

Today, thanks to Porto Turistico di Jesolo who hosts and supports, we are expanding the work of our Association in the area. We are not going to limit ourselves to the sports activities, but instead we set these four goals: integration, volunteering, solidarity and friendship..

Our Association, in addition to sostaining volunteering activities, seeks and stimulates the collaboration with public and private institutions. Uguali nel Vento, in fact, counts among its ranks athletes and boats coming from other clubs and Associations, relying on our know-how. We have, for example, boats from:

  • Diporto Velico Veleziano

  • the Association "The Wheel"

  • Jesolo Yacht Club

  • Circolo Nautico Porto Santa Margherita

  • Compagnia della Vela

  • Porto Turistico di Jesolo

  • the Association "VelaMestrextutti", hosted at our headquarter and with which we share our workforce

In addition to that, we began a collaboration with the Italian Red Cross, Regione Veneto, Comune di Jesolo and AULS 3 and 4, to coordinate a progam of activities for 7 disabled people. In 2019 other projects of "Integrated Tourism" were attended by 150 users, disabled and not, thanks to the help of multiple volunteers.

​In the end, Uguali nel Vento managed to build an expert and well-extablished group, with the aim to provide  services "tailor-made" and for “ everyone”, but with a special attention to disable people, and create moments of growth and self fullfilment, not only under an agonistic point of view, but also in everyday life. We want to create commitment, to teach tenacity and persistence in achieving the objectives and to expand the circle of friends and contacts, as we have always done.

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